Text Parser in C#

This program is pretty self explanatory, some simple c#.net coding along with a simple GUI to make a file parser. By default the delimiters are [ ] and ( ), if everything matches up the delimiters will be green, the 1st non-matching delimiter will be red. Delimiters can be changed in options.


Program Summary:

Source Code

Just the executable


This program is pretty self explanatory for anyone who has ever had to do any computer coding. Namely it is pretty important in most mathematical operations the order of operations being performed. Normally parentheses and brackets are used to control the order of operations, like [ (6*3) +1 ] *2 or whatever you’d like to do. Most text editors provide syntax highlighting that will show you when you’ve forgotten to close a parentheses or a bracket. This program does that for you. You enter a string with either ( ) and [ ] for delimiters and the program will highlight correct matching delimiters in green and mismatched delimiters in red. It will also tell you if the string is valid or not, displayed at the bottom. You can specify your own delimiters in options as well, if none are entered the default set is ( ) and [ ]. Pretty simple stuff. This program was for my c#.net class in order to get used to doing some GUI coding and coloring items on the screen.


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